Our Mission


We, at Brit Organic strive to provide you with real, environmentally friendly grown products, that are 100 % organic and are produced the same as our grandparents used to produce them in their own farms or backyard gardens. For that reason, Our Mission and promise to you is that we offer personally sorted, tested products from high-quality suppliers, which we carefully select with the consumer in mind. We use suppliers based at the few remaining ecological intact nooks around the world. Every product that we deliver to you comes with guaranteed quality, unique taste and aroma, and it is 100% organic.

We believe that what we do is positive, both – for the people that consume our products and for the people who produce it. Giving them a hand, by using them as our trusted suppliers, we evaluate their hard work and dedication to deliver the best possible Organic food and drinks.

We stay true to our mission and as well as organic products, we use recycled paper in our business, from packaging (cardboard, paper tape, paper wrap, etc.) to advertisement materials ( leaflets, calendars, business cards etc.). We also use ink which is environmentally friendly and it is plant based. We are proud to say that in our production process we avoid using plastic materials or materials that are harmful to the nature.

We are extremely passionate for what we do and we strongly believe in our mission to deliver to you the best possible products!